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웰하임 서울 떡볶이 - 매콤 까르보 140g (신제품)


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  • AUTHENTICALLY KOREAN - Great taste starts with great ingredients. Experience the quality of our fresh and natural ingredients locally sourced from the best farms in Korea. Wellheim Spicy Carbonara Rice Cake packs traditional ingredients to conveniently enjoy at home or on-the-go.
  • ITALIAN INFLUENCE - Carbonara sauce is a unique twist to traditional Korean rice cakes or Topokki, adding richness in both flavor and texture. Homemade sauce may be a difficult recipe to create, but Wellheim Spicy Carbonara Rice Cake can be prepared within minutes without sacrificing any of the flavor.
  • HOW TO ENJOY - To make Wellheim Spicy Carbonara Rice Cake, place the rice cake and seasonings in the cup, fill it with water up to the marked line, stir well to combine, and position the lid askew. Heat it up in the microwave for 2 min 30 sec.
  • ADD FLAVORS OF KOREA - Wellheim Spicy Carbonara Rice Cake acts as a canvas, allowing you to make it your own. Add a boost of flavor to this delicious snack or meal with more spice, cheese, chopped scallions, hard or soft boiled egg, fish cake, and more.
  • QUALITY YOU CAN TRUST - Nonghyup is known for using superior, 100% natural Korean ingredients in all its products. Ingredients are grown on the best farms in Korea to meet our high standards. Foods are cultivated using all natural practices and no artificial or chemical fertilizers are used.
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